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MO-KAN-N‚ÄčE (MKN) is the 3-state chapter of the Educational Opportunity Association (EOA), one of the 10 regional associations in the U.S. that form the Council for Opportunity in Education (COE). The Council represents TRIO programs nationwide.  

There are 137 TRIO programs in the MKN service region with approximately 39 million dollars going to programs that help serve over 43,000 participants. 

Our Purpose: 

The Mission of the Missouri-Kansas-Nebraska Chapter of the Educational Opportunity Association
is to:

  • Provide professional development and resources to its members;
  • Provide assistance to income-eligible, first-generation, or under-represented students, students with disabilities and veterans in their effort to gain access to and succeed in post-secondary and graduate education;
  • Provide information regarding issues of equal access to higher education.

What We Do:  

  • Direct communication among individual members and member institutions.
  • Research topics relevant to our mission.
  • Host conferences for members and educational opportunity program allies.
  • Promote professional standards in the field.
  • Promote public awareness of issues important to our constituents.
  • Provide quick, informed and meaningful responses at the state and national levels to issues affecting education for our constituents.
  • Educate state and national leaders to our purpose, importance and impact on the lives of our constituents.
  • Maintain regular communication among members through the MKN Newsletters and Website.            
MKN TRIO Advocacy Handbook
MKN Advocacy Handbook 2014

MKN TRIO Executive Reports 2014
      Missouri 2014 Executive Report
      Kansas 2014 Executive Report     
      Nebraska 2014 Executive Report

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My name is DeShaunya Ware and I am currently a junior at the University of Missouri-Columbia. With the help of the TRIO CATS Program I have been able to find my niche at a large institution and thrive! The TRIO Program has pushed me to never be afraid to ask for help, utilize my networking skills, and hone my leadership and organizational abilities.

This program has helped me allow MU to become my home away from home by pairing me with an awesome advisor and a director that I contact whenever I need advice, words of wisdom, or encouragement to get through another day. TRIO CATS provided me with a scholarship, which allowed me to spend less time at work and more time studying for class. The tutoring that TRIO provides has also enabled me to excel academically because I come from a high school that was (and may still be) in the bottom 5% of schools in Missouri.

I had never been taught to study or manage my time; however, TRIO has been crucial to my academic achievement and professional development. I am honored to be part of this program and have such incredible people in my corner. It is my distinct pleasure to share my experience of being a part of MU TRIO CATS and having such a solid foundation of academic and moral support. Thanks MU TRIO CATS for all the time and effort you have put into my success - it does not go unnoticed and it is appreciated!