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Professional Development.

MO-KAN-NE offers a variety of professional development opportunities for TRIO and GEAR UP professionals to expand their skills.


2023-2024 MKN
Board of Directors






State Rep (MO)

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Brandon Hammond

Jacque Loghry

Miosha Wagoner

Stephanie Raymond

Erika Sterup

Nicholas Horne

Julie Cayton

Beth Jacobson

Anna McDonald

Rona Prater

Liz Shepard

Kristi Bolen

Sarah Aguirre

Rashawn Harvey

Taylor Stevenson

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Brandon Hammond currently serves as the Academic Advisor for the Upward Bound. A TRIO Program at State Fair Community College in Sedalia, Missouri.

Surreal Glass Flowers



Jacque Loghry currently serves as the 




Miosha "Yosh" Wagoner  currently serves as the Project Director for the Student Support Services program at the Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, KS.

Research topics relevant to our mission.

Promote professional standards in the field.

Provide quick, informed and meaningful responses at the state and national levels to issues affecting education for our constituents.

Maintain regular communication among members through the MKN Newsletters and Website.

Direct communication among individual members and member institutions.

Host conferences for members and educational opportunity program allies.

Promote public awareness of issues important to our constituents.

Educate state and national leaders to our purpose, importance and impact on the lives of our constituents.

What We Do.

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2023 -2024 MKN
Committee Chairs

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Legislation and Education

Fair Share

Jacque Loghry

Sarah Aguirre

Corinne Nilsen

Kurt Peterson

Jake Long


Public Relations and Communications

Professional Development

Annual Conference

New Professionals


Student Initiatives and Conference

Diana Carbajal

Shauntelle Thompson

Jacque Loghry
Moisha Yosh Wagoner

Jacque Loghry 

Whitney Wolk Maddux

Shanna Frank

Julie Cayton

McNair Heartland Conference


Nominations and Elections


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Kari Azevedo
Valdis Zalite

Kristi Bolen

Rona Prater

Shauntelle Thompson

Julie Cayton

Dr. Jasmine Lewis
Markayla Goss

Eden TullisAngela Zarbynick

Liz Shepard

Rashawn Harvey

What's New with MKN

COE Policy Seminar & STUDENT SUCCESS STORIES NEEDED for Kansas Fact Book

The Council for Opportunity in Education Policy Seminar is scheduled for March 17th – 20th and includes the Leadership Summit on Sunday, Relations with the Department of Education on Monday, the Legislative Conference on Tuesday and visits on the Hill on Wednesday.  


If you are planning to attend, please send me an email so I can keep track of everyone who will be attending.  This ensures that I get pertinent information to the attendees.  

Early bird registration ends February 2nd. 


Some funding assistance to attend the Policy Seminar is available from EOA and the MKN Chapter, with priority to those who will be attending for the first time.  

If you would like to request funding, please complete the following form:


This year, we will be hosting the 30th Annual Kansas Legislative Breakfast on Wednesday, March 20th on the Hill.  This breakfast provides a time for us to meet with our Senators and Representatives to share the importance of TRIO programs to our students and to request their support in continuing to fund these valuable programs.  It also provides a time for our Senators and Representatives to listen to stories shared by our students.  If you are bringing students with you to D.C., please let me know. 


Each year, a Kansas Fact Book is prepared and given to our Senators and Representatives at the breakfast.  The Fact book provides information about the TRIO and GEAR UP programs in the state.  It also contains student success stories (what our Legislators love to hear!).  


I NEED YOUR ASSISTANCE in gathering student success stories.  Please email your student stories (along with a picture of the student) to me by February 16th for inclusion in the Kansas Fact Book.  I have attached a couple of success stories from previous Fact Books as examples. 

Deadline February 16. 2024

Thank you for your support!

Julie, MKN Chapter Kansas State Rep

Email address:

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What's New with MKN?

Come Check out MKN National TRIO Day Pictures! 

Send over your TRIO Day Pictures Today!!

COE Policy Seminar

Early bird registration ends February 2nd

If you would like to request funding, please complete the following form:



Requesting all TRIO/GEAR UP Programs Ifor YOUR ASSISTANCE in gathering student success stories.  Please email your student stories (along with a picture of the student) to me by February 16th for inclusion in the Kansas Fact Book.


Click below for examples of student stories 

Policy Seminar Information

MKN would like to first welcome any new GEAR UP and TRIO staff who have joined since Kurt Peterson's last e-mail to the membership.  Kurt Peterson is the chairman of the MO-Kan-NE Legislation & Education Committee and would like to share a little information on advocacy.  To me, that word describes activities by GEAR UP and TRIO staff to communicate the success of our programs to legislators to get them to vote for the funding we need to serve our students well.


One of the hot topics for advocacy at this time is the Policy Seminar which will be held in Washington DC this March 17-20.  Although there is some effort involved in getting to DC for this event, the rewards are enormous when you think about the benefit to our students.  At Policy Seminar, we talk in person to our legislators and, sometimes, to their aides to let them know about the success of our respective projects and impress upon them the need to invest in TRIO financially.  To keep up with inflation, our federal funds must increase as well.


It's vital to remember the value of adequate funding when planning to attend Policy.  It is an expensive travel engagement but the profits are limitless when you think about a TRIO project having necessary funds to serve students as we should.  Our students are highly intelligent, most capable individuals who have in the past and continue to make outstanding achievements.  Policy Seminar is a wise investment of grant funds and institutional funds to speak up for our students.  It’s important to remember that if we don’t show up, who will?

Kurt has sent some attachments given to me by Julie Cayton, MKN Kansas Representative, that will help you make plans.  Also, Jen Rudolph, COE Associate Vice President for State Initiatives, gave me a link to a webinar recording on “Policy Seminar 2024: What Happens, Why It's Important, and How to Pay For It”.  Please check out these tools at your earliest convenience.

Zoom Link of recorded webinar





Please let Kurt know if you have any questions.  He will be glad to answer any questions you may have and he is happy to get back to you on what he doesn’t know.


Kurt Peterson

MO-Kan-NE Legislation & Education Committee Chairman





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