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Resources &
Professional Development

MKN is committed to providing TRIO and educational opportunity program personnel with tools to improve their professional growth. Below, you can find a variety of free resources. If you are interested in additional resources, we encourage you to become an EOA member!

MKN Resources

MKN Resources


2023 Missouri TRiO Executive Summary

MO State.png


2023 Nebraska TRiO & GEAR UP Factbook

NE Factbook.png


2023 Kansas TRiO Factbook

Kansas Policy Factbook 2023.png

TRIO Works


Student Success



This is the updated 2024 (RFP) Request for Payment document is located above to be downloaded.

In accordance with the MKN fiscal policies and procedures, a request for reimbursement of expense(s) incurred for Chapter business must be received by the Treasurer within 60 days of the completed activity.

The W9 for MO-KAN_NE is also available for anyone who needs it as well, is also available to download.

Please email Stephanie Raymond MO-KAN-NE Treasurer for questions.

Policy Seminar 2024

Below are the attachments given by Julie Cayton, MKN Kansas Representative, that will help you make plans.  Also, Jen Rudolph, COE Associate Vice President for State Initiatives, provided a link to a webinar recording on “Policy Seminar 2024: What Happens, Why It's Important, and How to Pay For It”.

Zoom Link of recorded webinar





TRIO Annual Performance Report Guides

TRIO Annual Performance Report Guides

TRIO Annual Performance Report Guides

TRIO Annual Performance Report Guides

TRIO Annual Performance Report Guides

TRIO Annual Performance Report Guides

TRIO Annual Performance Report Guides

TRIO Annual Performance Report Guides

TRIO Annual Performance Report Guides

TRIO and GEAR UP Resources 


U.S. Dept of Ed

Federal TRIO Programs

-Home Page



Council for Opportunity in


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Educational Opportunity Association



National Council for Community and Education Partnership

MKN Alumi Directory

MKN Alumni Directory

MO-KAN-NE is creating a directory of TRIO alumni from Missouri, Kansas, and Nebraska. The purpose of this directory is to reach out and engage TRIO alumni from our region, specifically for our upcoming annual conference in April. 


We are looking for your assistance in reaching as many alumni as possible. The Alumni Engagement Committee has two ways you can assist us in reaching alumni.

Interested in mingling with other TRIO alums in the Missouri, Kansas, and Nebraska region?

Want to learn more about the regional TRIO organization known as MO-KAN-NE? Looking for a way to meet new people?


RSVP to this KCMO event by Friday, 3/22:

MKN Alum Event (4/3/24)






While I have your attention, I’d also like to promote our alumni directory- an ever-evolving work in progress. We started it back in 2022, but now we need your help in growing our community! If you are able to, invite a TRIO friend to participate. New members would need to complete the directory form but they can also RSVP for the April event. Our group would be about 200 people strong if each member forwarded this email onto just 1 other person so I'm dreaming big!


For questions, contact the MO-KAN-NE Alumni Engagement Chair,

Eden Tullis, or use the committee’s brand new email account:

  1. If you have a list of your alumni (names, email addresses, etc.), please send a list to

  2. Send the attached flyer to alumni of your program via  text, email, and/or social media.

Thank you for your assistance.

Please contact Eden Tullis (


Angela Zarybnicky (


with any questions.

Eden Tullis & Angela Zarybnicky

MO-KAN-NE Alumni Engagement Committee Co-Chairs

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