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Studying on the Grass

Student Initiatives
& Conferences      

MKN Student Initiatives & conferences are centered around leadership development, career readiness/exploration, mental health, and self-development. Sessions also include keynote speakers and student networking with area colleges and universities.    
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MKN provides multiple scholarship opportunities for TRIO and GEAR UP scholars within Missouri, Kansas, and Nebraska. 

MKN provides multiple scholarship opportunities for students that participate(d) in TRIO and GEAR UP programs within the 3-state region. Recipients are recognized for their academic achievements, involvement in their community and/or their ability to articulate how TRIO/GEAR UP has played a role in their lives. Students must be nominated by a current EOA/MKN member to be considered. Nominations limited to two per scholarship.

MKN 2023 Scholarships


All scholarship applications will be completed by the nominator, not the student.
The application will be a Google Form and you MUST have the following before submitting it:

  • Access to a Gmail account. This can be a personal or professional email.
  • ​You must include your membership number and the expiration date of your membership. You must be a paid member through March 23, 2024
  • Student and nominator essays, unofficial transcripts, photo of the student, and the income verification must be either in .pdf or .jpg format, your application will NOT be reviewed if this guideline isn’t followed.
  • Student essays and nominator letters of recommendation should be double-spaced, 12 point font, and not exceeding 2 pages
Click on the apply button above for the 2024 MOKANNE (MKN) Scholarships Google Form
The MKN 2024 Scholarship will be open on Feb 5, 2024!

The deadline is March 8th by 5pm.

Application materials required

2024 - MKN Board of Directors Scholarship.png

Application materials required

2024 - MKN Scholarship - Veterans.png
Student Leadeship Conference
Student Conferences

Student Conferences

25th Annual MKN McNair Heartland Conference

The McNair Heartland Research Conference offers undergraduates the opportunity to...

  • Present their research in a friendly yet formal academic setting; meet other McNair Scholars; explore opportunities for graduate study, and become eligible for a drawing to win a scholarship.

The conference highlights include individual student research presentations, a graduate recruitment fair, speakers and panel discussions, a pre-conference workshop on writing graduate admissions essays, and opportunities to interact with graduate school faculty and staff.

2022 Pre-College Student Leadership Conference and College Conference

The Pre-College Student Leadership Conference and College Conference offers to bring together into a work and study community those persons who have an active interest in or who are professionally involved in broadening accessibility to and success in postsecondary education.


The Chapter shall have a broad base of concern, but shall be particularly concerned about those students who, by reason of socioeconomic station, ethnic definition, military veteran status, disability, and/or restricted cultural educational experiences find themselves in a position of disadvantage with mainstream American students.  


Our goal is to help students have positive experiences with others – to see that their programs are part of something bigger, to help students make connections with other TRIO, GEAR UP, and EOP students, and strengthen confidence and knowledge (through competitions, sessions, visiting campuses, etc.)

The Chapter shall seek to accomplish its purpose(s) by:

1.) Promoting and conducting systematic studies and research, training, conferences, and other related activities desirable or necessary for fulfilling the purpose of the Chapter.

2.) Developing the capability to make timely and meaningful responses to issues and concerns affecting the educational resources and environments of students.

3.) Encouraging regular channels of communication between the programs and agencies in Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, and throughout the Midwest designed to serve the student population identified above.

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